Kindergarten is an important building block for setting the right learning foundation for your kids. Kindergarten teachers play an important role in fostering the basic intellectual and social development for children. There are several teaching methods used by KG teachers which help the students to express themselves while learning. Kindergarten is not a place for studying books. It is more of a place for learning the basics of gathering knowledge.

Cooperative Learning

One of the things which gets encouragement in KGs is to use the unique abilities of the kids to solve a problem together. In this method, the class learns things in groups. This provides the opportunity for the kids to be heard by others and be able to express their ideas. It will help in developing their confidence, as well as enhance their creativity and thinking skills. With cooperative learning, the kids can also learn to create bonds with others and have respect for each other.


The Play Method

Most of the kindergarten schools work on the Montessori method of teaching, which is ideal for kids who have just started learning concepts. With the help of playful materials, the teacher can teach their students the basics like counting and understanding quantity. With different playable learning materials in the classroom like puzzles and building blocks, the kids can learn on their own and develop confidence. The teacher can assist the students in solving the puzzles and then provide the same puzzle again the next time so that the students can learn logical reasoning.

Conference Learning

Conference Learning is a method which can help the teacher to give equal time to each student in the class for one-on-one sessions. This way the teacher can provide enough attention to each student to discuss their difficulties, successes, and interests. These conference activities can help the students to feel more relaxed in the classroom while not getting lectured from the teacher. They can openly ask for doubts and be more imaginative while asking questions.

Behavioural Management

Behavioural Management

Other than learning the concepts in the books, kindergartens also prepare the students to be more respectful and encouraging towards each other. The behavioural management strategies are used to create a productive learning environment so the kids can cheer each other for every success. Some of the kindergartens use reward charts which compliments the students for being good through the day with a treat or a badge.

Visualization Method

Teaching the subjects can sometimes get boring as the students will not be able to grasp everything if they are not paying proper attention to the board. With visual objects and interactive whiteboards, the students can learn through videos and live experiments. This will make the students to actually learn the reason and logic behind the problem, which is not explained in the books. Another visualization method is the field trips to the farms to learn about animals or picnics to learn about the games and sport.